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See how drone photography, aerial imagery, and data analysis can benefit your business in powerful new ways.Due to the variety and complexity involved with aerial footage, it is necessary to tailor the costs job by job.


Residential/Commercial Real Estate Photography

Our professional drone photography service specializes in capturing stunning aerial images and videos of residential and commercial real estate properties. Using cutting-edge drone technology and advanced photography techniques, we provide our clients with high-quality visuals that showcase the true beauty and potential of their properties.

Event Aerial Photography/Videography

This service is commonly used for various types of events, including weddings, corporate events, sports events, music festivals, and more. Aerial photography/videography adds an exciting and dynamic element to event documentation by capturing stunning visuals from angles that are not possible with traditional photography/videography methods.​

3D Digital Twins

A 3D digital twin aerial drone service is an innovative technology that combines the capabilities of drones and virtual modeling to create a comprehensive digital representation of an area or object in three dimensions. This service allows users to capture high-resolution imagery and data using drones equipped with advanced sensors and cameras.​

Sailing Championships, Regatta 

Most Sailing Championships, Regattas etc consist of 2 days of Racing.

I have put together a package to suit, with options so you can tailor your requirements.


Being also a passionate sailor, I specialise in breathtaking aerial footage and photos of sailing championships and regattas that will be sure to take your event to the next level. 

With my package, you can expect stunning images and video that will capture all the energy and excitement of your sailing event. 


Aerial Inspections

Aerial Inspections are an invaluable service which provide a comprehensive overview of a property from a bird’s eye perspective. Our aerial photography technology allows us to capture high-resolution images that can be used for a variety of purposes such as surveying, mapping, and inspections. With our Aerial Inspections, clients can gain an accurate and comprehensive look at their property from the air.

Aerial Survey/Mapping

Aerial survey/mapping services offer several benefits over traditional ground-based surveys. They provide a broader coverage area, faster data collection, and can capture hard-to-access or dangerous terrain. Additionally, aerial surveys provide a higher level of detail, accuracy, and precision, allowing for more comprehensive analysis and informed decision-making.​

Construction Timelapse

Construction aerial timelapse service is a specialized type of service that uses drones or other aerial devices to capture regular intervals of footage of a construction site. The purpose of this service is to document the progress of a construction project from start to finish in a visually compelling and concise manner.​


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Some of our Clients and what they had to say

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Kingsley Klau 
" Allan is a talented and highly qualified drone pilot, who not only has the technical skill base, but has a genuine artistic approach to his images and footage.
Highly recommended, Allan Godley is you go-to Drone Operator to gain quality footage for your aerial visual requirements "
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